Favourite soft drink?

Answer I am a big fan of Coke...also Canada Dry Ginger Ale. Also, here in the south we have something called SKI that I think is fabulous. It reminds me of Mt Dew, but more citrus taste. And have you ever... Read More »

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Hi what is your favourite soft drink ?

Lemonade and lime with ice and a slice of lemon and mint leaf.

What is your favourite soft drink?

Which is your favourite soft drink..and why?

For carbonated beverages, it's: PEPSIFor hot beverages, it's: coffeeFor non-carbonated beverages, it's spring water--ice cold on a hot dayFor dairy products, it's: ice cold milk, and the favorite... Read More »

What is you favourite soft fizzy drink?

diet coke, but i agree with u that irn bru is lovely too :)