Favorite store?

Answer My favorite store is Smiley Mart. I know the owners and they are indian I used to go there all the time for my cigarrettes and wine and they know me by name. Also I liked their store because they w... Read More »

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What's ur favorite clothing store?

well it use to be Kohl's, but they have really changed there style of clothing. but it is still my fav!! hard tho...i have trouble finding cute clothes!! i like thrift stores, they normally have cu... Read More »

What Is Your Favorite Store?

What is your favorite store in the mall?

For me, the Disney Store.For you, perhaps Unlimited Too

What is your favorite clothes store?

forever21, ross, and urban outfittersthe first two have really good deals like all the time and then urban outfitters is a little more pricey but worth it