Favorite mixed drinks to get at bars?

Answer Manhattans. Hell I know a straight guy that goes to a gay bar just because they are good at making the damn things. It is rather hilarious to watch guys hit on him

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Low-Calorie Mixed Drinks?

You don't have to worry that your evening cocktail will blow your diet; you can cut many calories with some careful choices in mixes. Most distilled alcohol contains from 60 to 80 calories per ounc... Read More »

I need ideas for mixed drinks?

I'll give you two of my fav. recipes, I usually make 'em with Henny, but Vodka will do and they are good holiday drinks:BACKSHOT:Vodka (instead of the Henny)BaileysButterscotch Shnappslil milk(serv... Read More »

Frozen Mixed Drinks?

Frozen mixed drink recipes are convenient to make when the weather gets warmer and you want to drink something cool and invigorating. These scrumptious cocktails are also great year-round, whenever... Read More »

Expensive Mixed Drinks?

You've got more liquid assets than the Pacific Ocean, your hedge funds have their own hedge funds and your private yacht is a decommissioned aircraft carrier. So, obviously you're not drinking Pabs... Read More »