Fave Indian food - Chicken Tikka or Chicken Keema ?

Answer i'll try the tikka mate. lol

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How to Make Chicken Tikka (Indian Barbecued Chicken)?

Creating a chicken dish can be easy, but all too often, it tastes bland. Rather than preparing chicken with barbecue sauce on it or a standard herb mix, try something a little different from what y... Read More »

How to make chicken kebab at home also chicken tikka?

Chicken kebab…The chicken kebab recipe is surprisingly easy. The most difficult part is cutting the meat very thin! These can also be made with beef or l... Read More »

What is your fave kind of canned soup...cream of chicken, cream of mushroom, tomato, chicken noodle, etc. ?

Depends on what mood im in LOL. Right now campells tomato soup sounds the best. When I'm sick Campbells chicken noodle is the best.

How to Make Chicken Tikka Masala?

Chicken tikka masala differs from the recipe, chicken tikka, because of the various spices (the meaning of "masala"). Despite the origin being debated between a British-take on indian food and an a... Read More »