Fav. type of hamburgers ?

Answer Bacon, cheese, mustard.....

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Do you die if you eat too many hamburgers?

The saturated fat will build up over time in the arteries of the heart and this can lead to a heart attack. Of course the process of plaque buildup from fatty foods takes decades. So technically ye... Read More »

IF you eat hamburgers,what do you like on topYou know,in the bun?

Mayo, onion, 1-2 pickles slices, and tomato.

How to Season Hamburgers?

You can season hamburgers with both dried spices as well as sauces. Learn the techniques on how to vary the way you season your hamburgers with the following methods.

Homemade Hamburgers?

To prepare a homemade hamburger, start with good quality meat. Choose leaner ground beef (90 percent or higher) for a healthier hamburger. Add your favorite seasoning, carefully cook the patty and ... Read More »