Fav. alcholic beverage?

Answer Cheap whiskey...straight out of the paper bag

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What's the best "girly" alcholic beverage?

Can you give me a suggestion for a non-alcholic beverage?

This is old fashioned and delish, it will carry them back to the good old days.Get some Pelligrino sparkling water, and a separate bottle of Torani French Vanilla syrup (or something similar). NOT... Read More »

Can someone please tell me if the beverage RED BULL is an alcoholic beverage or not?

The Red Bull in the little cans is non-alcoholic.Long before the little cans there was and still is Schlitz Red Bull in considerably larger 40 oz. bottles. This type of Red Bull has alcohol.

Am i an alcholic?

alchoholics go to meetings you are a drunk