Faux Finish Directions?

Answer The art of faux finishing provides a specialized look to a room's walls or ceiling with the use of paint. These finishes can make ordinary drywall look like silk, denim or even a cloudy sky. Accord... Read More »

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Directions for Faux Finish Painting?

Marble floors, slate tiles, and hardwood doors are luxurious, but expensive to purchase. In addition, these materials generally require a highly paid, skilled technician for proper installation. Fo... Read More »

How to Finish Faux Rock?

Faux rocks are useful for filling out landscaping or using inside of the home. Faux rocks are often made from chicken wire, Styrofoam and concrete. Artificial rocks may be custom made in specific c... Read More »

Can you faux finish a ceiling?

It is possible to apply a faux finish to a ceiling. Faux finishing refers to the use of paint to create the illusion of depth or texture. The paint can be applied as a simple decorative texture or ... Read More »

How to Create a Faux Finish With a Rag?

Sample of negative raggingKnown as "Ragging", this simple faux finish is accomplished by blotting off the paint/glaze in a negative removal manner which creates a mottled effect.