Faux Brick Plastering Techniques?

Answer Faux brick plaster is a method of creating the look of bricks on an interior wall by using plaster. There are several ways to make faux bricks, and the way you choose often depends on the size of t... Read More »

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How to Paint Faux Brick?

Faux brick is one type of faux paint finish available. Applying a faux brick finish to walls is an way to get a brick look at a fraction of the cost of applying real bricks. Use these steps to pain... Read More »

How to Install Faux Brick?

Faux brick is false brick manufactured in lightweight panels that comes in a variety of brick patterns. It is incredibly versatile and easy to handle. Although made to look like real brick, faux br... Read More »

What is the best way to take faux brick off of your walls?

Use a chisel, 2-3" wide or so, and use it to pop off the bricks and mortar. Then, you'll need to use a solution of muriatic acid to take off any mortar. Wear appropriate gloves.

Can you paint faux brick over plaster?

Faux brick may be painted over new and existing plaster; however, the plaster must be primed with either a water- or oil-based paint before the brick is painted. Priming will keep the outer layer o... Read More »