Fatigue and illness?

Answer Glutathione: The Body's Master Antioxidant glutathione (GSH) is a small protein produced naturally in our cells when certain required elements are present. It functions both as an antioxidant and a... Read More »

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I know alot of people smoke pot to help with chronic illness..but are there any illness caused by smoking it?

no, nothing major. The goverment just wants you to believe it is just as bad as smoking Cigs. Mary Jane is all natural from the earth. If God didn't want us to smoke, it wouldn't grow. It helps too... Read More »

Leg Weakness & Fatigue?

Leg weakness and fatigue normally appears as a decrease in the strength in one or more of the leg muscles. According to Medical Net, "In the strictest sense, the medical definition of weakness refe... Read More »

How to Overcome Fatigue?

The causes of fatigue are usually obvious. Partying til 3 a.m., doing 12 hour days at work, then taking the kids out, is bound to have an effect on nearly everyone. You will be tired. However, fati... Read More »

Retinal Fatigue?

Retinal fatigue is a temporary effect that alters the mind's perception of certain objects and patterns. It is caused by excessively stimulating the eye with a certain image, and the effects can be... Read More »