Fat please be honest.?

Answer No?You love attention dont you?

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When was the last time u brushed ur teeth, try to be 100% honest please, 100% honest?

i am being 100% honest when I say it was this morning. I always always brush twice a day.I could never do anything else!

Please be honest!!!!! (pic!)?

You look fine, you don't need to lose weight. You have a great smile - it's your best feature. Keep smiling and being happy. You don't need to change a thing!

Am I ugly! Please Be Honest?

OMFG!!! Kaylz ur sooo gorgeous i wish i looked like u!!!!! :-(

Are my eyes TOO big please be honest.? their GREAT. I used to freak out too because people used to tell me..your eyes are SO big..but then i realized they meant it in a good way. people love big eyes..and your don't ... Read More »