Fat people are disgusting and selfish...?

Answer Fair enough obese people are costing us lots of money in taxes.. but i dont think its fair to say theyre selifish.. i mean its not like they purposly put on weight to p!ss everyone off. Also i thin... Read More »

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How to Get Selfish People to Go Away on Club Penguin?

Many people on Club Penguin are very rude and think the world is all about them. Sometimes it can make you upset, or even angry. Have you ever wanted to stop them? If you did, this is the place.

How many people think that chinese food is nasty or disgusting?

you probably have never had "real" Chinese food, the food that is served in most restaurant and food courts of America is a highly westernized versionAuthentic Chinese food is wonderful but I love ... Read More »

How to Be Less Selfish?

Do you want to change your ways? Or, do you have a selfish friend/family member who you want to influence to change their ways? This is for you.

Do you think this would be selfish?

If we knew the world was ending in 5 years, I'm sure we'd all have a lot on our minds... but why not keep reproducing? It is our devine animal right.