Fat burners while on a cutting diet 10 points?

Answer Losing pounds ain't something to do in a hurry.If you missed the TV series The Biggest Loser, here 'tis:The 'winners' lost hundreds of pounds and appeared onTalk Shows to tell about the sweating an... Read More »

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Cutting dairy out of your diet?

Hi Anna. You were suppose to be weened off milk when you grew out of infancy. What went wrong?1. Milk should not be consumed cross species. Cow milk is meant to grow a 1.5 ton cow, in a human body ... Read More »

Is cutting meat out of your diet really better for you?

People have been asking your question for a long time.If we only had meat available to eat we would have to eat it to stay alive.Since we have choices we can eat a variety of foods.Some people live... Read More »

How many points can I have per day on the Weight Watchers diet?

The Weight Watchers Flex Points program assigns a points value to foods based on the number of calories, fat grams and fiber grams in a serving. The points system is designed to allow dieters to ea... Read More »

Does it matter what time you eat while your on a diet BEST Answer 10 points?

Yes, for ultimate results! It's important to have dinner early, if possible around 4-5, so you have time to burn it off during the rest of the night. Then, exercise before breakfast to burn fat, an... Read More »