Fastest way help cuts heal?

Answer You're body will only heal at the pace it wants to. But the best thing I can think of for you would be to put some hydrogen peroxide on it and then let the cuts dry. Then get some neosporin(if I sp... Read More »

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How to makr scars/cuts heal faster,PLEASE help!!?

Plenty of Vitamin C it aids wounds and healing and builds up the immune system so oranges and blueberries and rosehip, hope this helps

How to heal cuts quickly?

She can also take some vitamin E capsules to help support healing.Aloe Vera helps as well.Being young, here healing process should be quick.If you are worried about germs, and they are not healed..... Read More »

How to cover/heal cuts?

seek help.. that heals cuts. good luck and be strong. :)

How to heal cuts in mouth?

It should heal shortly. Just try some ice for the pain. If it does not stop bleeding in 2 hours go to the hospital or if a lot of blood is lost.