Fast way to do grilled corn on the cob?

Answer Yes you can definiely remove the husks and BBQ then. It will still take about 20 minutes total though. I generally will start to boil them, for just abou 5-10 (or REALLY cheat, and toss each cob i... Read More »

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How do you like your corn on the cob grilled, cooked on the stove or what?

I wrap them in those individual foil wraps with butter, salt and pepper and BBQ them on the grill.

How to Make Teriyaki Grilled Corn?

There's a wide variety of food that you can barbecue or grill. From vegetarian kebobs and fish to steak and burgers. Add a smooth teriyaki glaze to the next batch of corn that you grill. Here is ho... Read More »

How to Make Parmesan Lime Grilled Corn?

Grilled corn is always a favorite when having a barbeque. Pour melted butter on it, add a dash or two of salt, and tear off the husks and silks and listen to the sound of the crunch as you take you... Read More »

Simple Food question. Grilled Shrimp Grilled Vegetables Or Grilled Chicken Which from this list ->?

Grilled Shrimp YUMMY with a butter in the side. Great questions scooter ur awesome!!\Goodnight