Fast releif for a headache?

Answer not to sound like Richard Petty or anything but Goodys Headache Powder

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I need to get rid of a headache FAST!!?

You've already taken pain medicine which is good, however make sure you stick to the packet dose. If your going to a party with alcohol, try not to over do it as the medicine can reduce your alcoho... Read More »

How to get rid of a headache fast without medicine?

Headaches are sometimes caused by dehysration, so I would try drinking a whole glass of cold water..taking a warm shower and letting the water just fall on your head usually helps me..and if that d... Read More »

Fast and effective way to get rid of a headache Apart from Paracetamol?

Depends what's causing your headache. Couple things to try:1. Plenty of water (though this is better for prevention than cure).2. Persistant dull headaches can be caused by tension in the muscle... Read More »

How do YOU spell, "Releif"...?

I am A Spelling champoin and eye know the answer. It is RELIEF.