Fast, healthy and effective way to lose five pounds?

Answer That is a pretty short time hun, but basically you need to eat healthy and excercise. Simple.For a healthy diet, you need to be eating small to medium meals regularly. 4 or even 5 times a day. Each... Read More »

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How to lose 20 pounds the healthy way?

Ok you're gonna need a healthy diet, and at least 20 minutes of aerobic(cardio) exercise everyday.Exercise.Do any kind of aerobic exercise, whether it be a light jog, or a brisk walk, just make sur... Read More »

I need to lose weights healthy or not. anyone got ideas i need to lose it FAST?

Dont eat. Fastest way to loose weight guaranteed

I need to lose 50 pounds...FAST?

Eat 6 meals a day, every 3-4 hours.Keep your goal weight EVERYWHERE! (On your refrigerator, tables, counters, mirror, walls, notebooks, on your phone, in your fridge, anywhere you can think of.. It... Read More »

Best way to lose 10 pounds fast for a 15 year old?

Helpful Tips for weight loss:1)A good way to loose weight is to use a calorie counter watchKeep to a 1,200 food intakeAdd 1,200 plus 3,500 (equals one pound of fat) ...and that is the total amount ... Read More »