Fast and trustworthy student loan sites?

Answer do watch out for those phish hooks. As they say, payback is hell.

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I am looking for Student Loan Sites, But Theres a catch.?

You can try with other companies like Wells Fargo. Try with some local state banks to see if they will offer assistance, sometimes they have loans for students. Filling out a FAFSA helps too, if yo... Read More »

Can a student loan issuing company (private bank) force you to pay off the student loan before you graduate?

If you are still in school no. It is called a deferment. They can only make you pay if your at in school 6 months later. That is stated in all student loan contracts. Go to your financial aid depar... Read More »

Whats the best student loan should i get from the school is wells fargo i great place to get a student loan?

Apply for the federal student loan program by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The application is available on line at The federal student... Read More »

Where do you go to fill out a student loan app on the computer or the best student loan that you can apply for?

First, fill out the FAFSA form. Go to for complete information and access the FAFSA form. Then, go to your college's financial aid office, and ask questions, especially a... Read More »