Fast-Growing California Vines?

Answer Fast-growing vines provide the ideal way in which to add colorful and fragrant touches to your landscape or cover less attractive structural elements in a yard. Many vines grow in the warmer climat... Read More »

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Hardy and Fast-Growing Evergreen Ornamental Vines?

If an unattractive wall or fence creates an eyesore in your yard, cover it with fast-growing evergreen vines. Not only will they fill in rapidly, but evergreen species keep their foliage year-roun... Read More »

Why Do Watermelons Rot on the Vines As They Are Growing?

Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) is a cucurbit, related to cucumbers, cantaloupes and pumpkins. Many cucurbits are susceptible to a wide variety of diseases and insect pests, some of which can damage... Read More »

Vines for Growing in Zone 9?

Zone 9 is a gardening paradise for flower enthusiasts. Gardeners in southern California, Arizona, Texas and Florida can grow flowering vines year-round in the hot, sunny climate of zone 9. Select v... Read More »

The Fastest Growing Climbers & Vines?

Vines are useful in the landscape for covering trellises, hiding unsightly views or climbing over a bare wall. You can also allowed them to grow freely through a flowerbed. Some vines need special ... Read More »