Fashion Styles in the 1960s in Berkeley?

Answer In 1960, several hundred UC Berkeley students protested a hearing of the House of Un-American Activities Committee. Police blasted protesters with water hoses to move them from the courthouse steps... Read More »

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Girls' Fashion in the 1960s?

The 1960s was about dramatic change as the more conservative 1950s were left behind for the transition to the casual style of the 1970s. Clothing and hair trends evolved and ranged across the board... Read More »

Fashion Designs of the 1960s?

New attitudes and social changes marked the 1960s. Clothing styles were a reflection of this new freedom. Designers brought daring new styles to both women's and men's fashions. Skirts got shorter,... Read More »

1960s Retro Fashion?

1960s retro fashion is a broad topic with a great deal of variety. Much of what we think of as popular '60s fashion today is from the second half of the decade and was influenced heavily by the Br... Read More »

Fashion and Cosmetics in the 1960s?

Fashion passed from the hands of the wealthy and mature into the jurisdiction of the young of more modest means during the 1960s. No other decade in the last half of the 20th century witnessed such... Read More »