Farmer's Wife's Clothes in the 1800s?

Answer During the 19th century, women were expected to dress and behave according to certain social standards. Though dresses were generally fashioned with high necks, long sleeves and long skirts to main... Read More »

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Little Girl Clothes of the 1800s?

In the 1800s the styles for little girls' clothing followed the fashions grown women were wearing. At the beginning of the century, girls dressed in the regency-style clothing, high-waisted dresses... Read More »

Dress Clothes of the 1800s?

During the 1800s, there were several distinct periods of style. Dress clothes for both men and women tended to be modest and formal. From the Regency era, right through to the end of Victorian time... Read More »

Women's Clothes in the 1800s & What Their Role Was?

Women's fashion has always been a window into the time period in which those fashions were popular. In the 1800s, women in the United States and Europe had mirroring fashion styles that included ex... Read More »

French Women's Clothes in the Late 1800s?

French women's clothes of the late 1800s were still very much of the Victorian era, but in the process of reformation. In the latter half of the 19th century, the severe manner in which women were ... Read More »