Farm Animals That Give Back?

Answer Farm animals are an investment. Often, the payoff comes when the animal becomes meat for consumers. But there are animals that pay for their upkeep by creating products while they are alive and can... Read More »

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Would you eat animals if you knew that they lived on a free range farm and were treated kindly?

Food is food no mater what. you have to many people starving in this would to let food go to waste.But I would say the best food is food you hunt and bush er your self, from Deer to getting pigs an... Read More »

Are there any ways that I could help farm animals other than just being a vegetarian?

Yes! You can spread awareness of how farm animals are treated by joining the Adopt a College program: you can just hand out pamphlets on your own. Most librari... Read More »

How to Farm Animals for Profit?

Raising animals for a profit (farming) is a business like any other. There are steps you need to take prior to beginning this endeavor. Animals are like any other crop and farmers must be able to k... Read More »

Activities for 2nd Grade on Farm Animals?

In second grade students begin to learn about animals from different areas of the world. Learning about farm animals is important because students also begin to comprehend how farm animals aid huma... Read More »