Question error type 2! ?

Answer Yes!!!!!!! Site is back up! When I saw it was down, I pretty much mentally screwed myself

Top Q&A For: error type 2! Error Type 1? has been having a lot of problems lately. Don't fret - it will be back pretty soon - and just try to work on new chapters in the meantime, if anything. I've only been on the site for nearly ... Read More »

FanFiction Error Type 2?

Okay I'd been having this problem for a while too but there's a simple trick I just discovered.When you go to your stories and try and click to edit the error pops up. Look up in the URL and it has... Read More »

Is Error Killer a malware type of spyware?

Error Killer is a fake security program that claims to clean host registries in order to make computers run more effectively. The trial program is free. Once installed, it infiltrates your computer... Read More »

Formspring Error: 'MDB2 Error: syntax error'?

ERROR MDB2 Error: syntax error:the probable cause of the problem is actually a common error in PHP5 mySQL databases that usually happens when a single parameter in a field in the database that shou... Read More »