Famous International Graphic Designing Colleges?

Answer As a graphic designer, you will work with a variety of visual images. They may be drawings, paintings, photographs or computer-generated images. The designer in one way or another wants to communic... Read More »

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How to Learn Graphic Designing?

Graphic designing can be very fun and easy and learning it may take a long or short time! It will be worth the wait once you are done!

What kind of software do I need for graphic designing?

If you are looking to go into graphic design as a career, you want to be proficient in the most popular design software, Adobe Creative Suite. What you use will ultimately depend on who you are em... Read More »

Can you please refer me website(s) where I can get the graphic designing stuff i.e. a "public Domain" so that?

Wikipedia has a multimedia counterpart called "Wikimedia Commons". Its web address is Keep in mind it is WikiMEDIA Commons, not WikiPEDIA Commons.Wikimedia Commons ha... Read More »

What was Christian Dior famous for designing in 1947?

Christian Dior was famous for designing the New Look in 1947. It featured soft shoulders, small waists and full skirts that were a dramatic change from the suits with sharply defined shoulders that... Read More »