Famous Family Mottos?

Answer Throughout history, famous families have risen and fallen with their times. However, some families impact on their societies and history as a whole gives us cause to remember both them and their fa... Read More »

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What are some mottos of the US Marine Corps?

semper fiBest way to learn, join and they'll have them engrained into your brainwashed head in no time.

Name a famous sitcom family?

the Ricardo family, I love Lucythe Petries, Dick Van Dykethe Hartley's, Bob Newhart

How do you erase your person on almost famous family?

go into your files, find system32 this is where it will be stored, now just delete that folder to get rid of your person. goodluck :)

Were any of Pocahontas family or siblings famous?

If someone is picking on one of your siblings (sister or brother) then have the courage to stand by their side and do the best you can to protect them. Although many siblings go through a period of... Read More »