Famous Black Celebrities' Hairstyles?

Answer Ethnic hair often is unruly and hard to manage. You may wonder how some famous black celebrities have relaxed hair of their own. On some, it may be their own tresses but others could be faking it w... Read More »

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Black Celebrities' Short, Stylish Hairstyles?

Few hairstyles found in beauty magazines translate from the printed page to real life. If you want a short, chic and stylish haircut however, you can use your favorite African American celebrity as... Read More »

How to Contact Famous Celebrities?

Want to contact your favorite movie star or singer to let him or her know how much you like his or her work? Or maybe you're trying to get into autograph collecting?Meeting or contacting a famous p... Read More »

Why do I hate famous pop celebrities - especially Sting?

I think he was definitely rude. Perhaps he was stressed. He shouldn't have taken it out on you but try not to take it to heart. It's an interesting anecdote to tell your children, the moral being t... Read More »

Can you name any famous American celebrities that are Danish?

Lars Ulrich from Metallica, born in Denmark: Mortensen, american, born in New York, has a danish father, speaks danish, has family in Denmark, that he... Read More »