Fall & Winter Hairstyles?

Answer Keeping up with the latest clothing trends can be expensive, but keeping up with the trendiest hairstyles can be simple. Change your look up with stylish fall and winter hairstyles that make you lo... Read More »

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Fall & Winter Allergies?

Sneezing and coughing are common during the fall and winter seasons and often it is tough to tell if you have the common cold or if you are suffering from allergies. Allergies are just as common in... Read More »

Outside Plants for Fall & Winter?

While the spring is known for gardening, blooming flowers and blossoming plants, there are a number of trees, plants and flowers that thrive during the fall and winter months. Many plants can be g... Read More »

Why Do Leaves Fall Off Trees Before Winter?

Leaves fall of trees before winter because reduced sunlight keeps them from producing much energy. As a result, trees shed their leaves before the winter to save energy. Leaves gradually lose their... Read More »

Who likes fall/winter weather?

I love both, but winter is my favorite. (The colder, the better for me). Along w/ winter is the dark clouds & snow--I just love it all. The dark clouds are mind comforting for me. But the sad t... Read More »