Fall Planting in Zone 7?

Answer U.S Department of Agriculture hardiness zone 7 experiences an average annual minimum temperature of 0 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter. This relatively warm zone covers much of Virginia, ... Read More »

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What Planting Zone(Plant Hardiness Zone) do you live in according to the USDA Hardiness Map?

Is Kansas in planting zone 5?

About two thirds of Kansas is in planting zone 5b, taking up the northern part of the state and almost all of the west. Much of southern Kansas is in zone 6a. The nation is divided into 11 zones, a... Read More »

What planting zone is Saskatchewan in?

The plant hardiness zone for Saskatchewan varies by region. The subarctic woodland to the extreme north is rated 0a---the harshest environment possible. Zones 0b to 1a represent the northern and so... Read More »

Planting Zone for Papaver Paeoniflorum?

Taxonomically, there is no species Papaver paeoniflorum. However, the opium poppy (Papaver somniferum) does include a mutant strain grouped by gardeners that display many-petaled flowers. Although ... Read More »