Fake Broken Arm?

Answer She can buy a wrist splint at almost any drugstore.I doubt that her gym teacher would let her out of class, however.If she has a cast put on, it will have to be removed before her parents have a ch... Read More »

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How can you fake a broken ankle?

You can't fake it, the only way is to really break it.

How to Fake Having a Broken Hand/Arm?

If you want to fake having a fake bone in your body e.g arm, hand, leg. Have good hurting expressions, and follow these steps carefully!

How to Fake a Sprained or Broken Ankle?

Have You ever wanted a little special attention? Like some kid sprains their ankle and gets TONS of attention. And you're thinking it isn't fair? Well you can read how to get your extra attention.

How to Fake Sick, when Your Parents Know That You Fake?

You try to fake being sick to skip school, but your parent(s) know it. Here's how to convince them: