Fair Value & Bankruptcy?

Answer The concept of "fair value" is central to bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings. If an individual or company has debts that are greater than their assets at a "fair valuation", that individual or co... Read More »

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What is the difference betweeb assessed value and fair market value on property tax statements?

The assessed value of a home is used to levy property taxes. It is determined by averaging the data from neighborhood studies, sales transactions and inspections, according to the city of Milwaukee... Read More »

What is the difference between fair value and market value?

Fair value is the value of all assets and liabilities calculated to determine the true worth of a company. It is also called fair price if all assets were sold or liquidated. Market value is the pr... Read More »

What is fair value?

Fair value is a finance term that refers to the value of a company's assets or liabilities when financial statements are being prepared. Fair value is usually determined by measuring market prices.... Read More »

How do i calculate the value of assets for a bankruptcy?

Research what it would cost to replace your property. According to the Bankruptcy Code, this is the true value of your assets. For example, if you go to thrift stores or look on eBay, you will li... Read More »