Fair Use Clause of Copyright Law?

Answer Copyright owners enjoy the exclusive right to reproduce and distribute their works, or license others to do so. Copying without permission from the copyright owner is infringement. This exclusive r... Read More »

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Fair Use Copyright Rules for DVD's?

Copyright laws are intended to protect the authors and creators of original works from unauthorized sale, duplication, or modification. By protecting works such as songs, movies and books, the copy... Read More »

How to Determine Copyright Fair Use?

"Fair Use" is a concept among United States Copyright laws that allow one to use a limited portion of copyrighted material. Each individual use case is different. Whether your use of copyrighted ma... Read More »

Fair Use Copyright Laws in Australia?

Australia uses "fair dealing" laws, which delineate exactly under which circumstances copyrighted material can be used fairly.

The Most Important Limitations of Fair Use Copyright Laws?

Copyright protection serves two purposes: to protect the copyrighted material from unauthorized reproduction or usage and to grant the copyright holder the ability to authorize such uses. The conce... Read More »