Failed to burning cd/dvd, please help me....?

Answer 1. This may be a fault of the disc you are trying ti burn. Try different brand.2. Wring speed also may be a trouble. Try slower speed.3. Clean your drives's lens.4. You may other software like Nero... Read More »

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Can a blue ray DVD play on a cddvd car stereo?

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Which is hotter: a burning furnace or burning wood?

An industrial hardening furnace can easily reach temperatures of 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. Wood ignites at 374 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, with decayed wood igniting at lower temperatures. Therefore,... Read More »

Is a slight burning feeling in your stomach or a burning cold feeling in your breast a sign of pregnancy?

Answer Yes, I get the burning a bit in my breasts, and i have had tingling in my stomache. I am 5 weeks along.