Fafsa help?

Answer It sounds like the question that is worded something like, "Payments to tax deferred pensions or payments to tax"... something or other. Ask your parents if they have any money taken out of their ... Read More »

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FAFSA Pin Help?

A PIN, or "personal identification number," is a quick and easy way to establish your identity electronically. Likewise, a FAFSA PIN is used to electronically sign a FAFSA application and can also ... Read More »


Could fafsa help me pay for a car?

well the money is intended for school but if you get enough to where you have a refund then you can really do as you wish with it. SO pay your tuition and fees, buy used books and use the rest on ... Read More »

FAFSA help!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......(quest… 81)?

If you follow the lines ------------------------------ on 6d, you will see that they lead to a bold box, which says "add numbers on lines above" In this box there should be a number, enter that nu... Read More »