Fading Creams for Black Skin Care?

Answer Hyperpigmentation is darkening of the skin that occurs after a skin trauma i.e., acne scarring, cuts, burns. It manifests as dark spots or blotches on the skin, particularly in African-Americans. F... Read More »

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Why do people who invent these "miraculous" skin creams and de-aging creams et.. not use them themselves?

Not all look like you describe. Many are relatively young, attractive models, movie stars, celebrities and the like who are in the business solely because it's so lucrative. They obviously do not u... Read More »

Is there any skin care product that lighten black person's skin?

Ask Michael Jackson!! Only in America can a poor Black Boy grow up and become a Rich White Woman!!

Skin Care for Black Skin?

Black women seeking a smooth, even complexion can achieve their goal armed with the right products and knowledge about the complexities of their skin. Acne, scars and other skin issues must be deal... Read More »

Skin Care for Black Men?

Black men have a particular need for good skin care because of their naturally curly facial hair, potential for dry skin and problems with dark spots. These problems can be remedied with a few tips... Read More »