Facts on the Surinam Emerald Tree Boa?

Answer The scientific name of the emerald tree boa is Corallus caninus, and it is part of the non-venomous boa family. It is arboreal in nature. The type of boa from Suriname and surrounding countries is ... Read More »

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The Emerald Tree Boa Versus the Redtail Boa?

Red-tail boas (Boa constrictor constrictor), also commonly referred to as simply "boa constrictors," have many of the same characteristics as the colorful emerald tree boa (Corallus caninus). Thoug... Read More »

How Do I Water an Emerald Cedar Tree?

Water RoutineInsert your finger into the soil a foot from the trunk at a depth of 3 inches. If the soil feels dry at that depth, begin watering. Water for 30 minutes, which gives that water enough ... Read More »

Facts About the Bay Tree?

Bay trees are evergreen trees that originated in the southern Mediterranean region. The bay tree is a slow growing tree that is easily trained as topiary. The leaves of the bay tree are also a comm... Read More »

Linden Tree Facts?

Linden trees, also known as bee trees and basswood trees, are large trees that grow in four-season climates all over the world. These trees can reach 80 feet in height and have a 40-foot spread. S... Read More »