Facts on the Mating Habits of the Fanshell?

Answer The Fanshell mussel -- scientific name Cyprogenia stegaria -- and its relative, the Western Fanshell mussel or Cyprogenia aberti, are among several endangered North American mussels. Found primaril... Read More »

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Mating Habits of Sea Monkeys?

Sea monkeys are a hybrid species of saltwater shrimp. They have no natural habitat because they were bred specifically for being raised in aquariums as an intriguing alternative to fish. They grow ... Read More »

Wild Horse's Mating Habits?

Wild horses live year round in bands composed of many family members. One stallion leads a band of mares and provides it with protection. He is usually more than 6 years old and has established his... Read More »

Mating Habits of Mallard Ducks?

Mallards are the most abundant duck in North America and the most hunted. They can be found in wetlands and urban park ponds. Most mallard ducks select mates in the fall and breed in the spring, be... Read More »

Giraffe Mating Facts?

Giraffes are fascinating creatures, mostly because of their tall stature and unique coloring. Female giraffes live in herds with their young, while male giraffes are solitary. Males wander from her... Read More »