Facts on Tanning Salons?

Answer Tanning salons are popular destinations for those seeking to have the bronzed physique commonly associated with healthy outdoor living in the summer. Since tanning booths and beds are often too exp... Read More »

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About Tanning Salons?

Tanning salons offer people the chance to change the appearance of their skin in a short period of time. Many men and women feel that tanning salons are a place for pampering and enhancing their bo... Read More »

How to Become Tan Without the Sun or Tanning Salons?

Knowing to stay out of the Sun -- avoiding the rays of the real thing and the UV rays of tanning salons -- is a major step in ensuring healthy skin. Even though pale can be pretty, you don't have t... Read More »

How good are spray tanning salons?

On One Hand: They are Safe and FastSpray tans are quickly applied in a salon. It gives your skin a natural, brown appearance, unlike the orange tint you may find from store-bought self-tanners. It... Read More »

Tanning Salons With Spray Tans in Tampa, Florida?

The indoor tanning industry experienced over $3.5 billion in sales during 2009, according to a 2010 report by IBISWorld. Spray tanning, also referred to as UV-free tanning or airbrush tanning, is a... Read More »