Facts on Mealworms for Kids?

Answer It's common to present mealworms to children during elementary school as a way to teach ecology and ease them into life cycle lessons. They're inexpensive and easy to come by, which makes them an i... Read More »

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Clarinet Facts for Kids?

It is fun to play the clarinet. Its fascinating sound has brought joy to many people, even to the great Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who loved it and wrote two famous compositions in ... Read More »

Deposition Facts for Kids?

Deposition is the process by which rocks, sand and sediment are deposited by the forces of erosion. Deposition is intimately tied to the processes of weathering and erosion. First, rocks are broken... Read More »

Facts About Zebras for Kids?

Zebras are mammals that belong to the horse family. They are similar to horses in many ways, except for their trademark black and white stripes. Are zebras white with black stripes, or black with w... Read More »

Facts on Littering for Kids?

An estimated 51 billion pieces of litter wind up on America's roads and roadsides every year, according to the non-profit group Keep America Beautiful. Businesses spend about $9 billion to clean th... Read More »