Facts on Globalization?

Answer The term "globalization" was first used in 1951. It is a fundamental and complex aspect of the world economy and plays an increasingly important role in the economy of the U.S. The concept of globa... Read More »

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Wallerstein's Theory of Globalization?

Globalization, or the joint, world-wide expansion of the world's economy, is a popularly debated topic among economists. Proponents of globalization say it brings new opportunities to everyone, wh... Read More »

How to Teach Globalization to 7th Grade?

Globalization is a phrase students should understand thoroughly in today's increasingly interconnected world. The phrase has changed over the years --- from the concept of free trade across the wor... Read More »

Pros of Market Globalization?

Globalization is the enhanced movement of people, capital, goods and knowledge due to economic integration. Increased trade and higher investment levels propel economic integration, leading to glob... Read More »

Conflict Theory and Globalization?

Conflict, or critical, theory is an approach to analyzing society that stresses the differences in power among social groups. This can be applied to classes within societies, or even to countries w... Read More »