Facts on Globalization?

Answer The term "globalization" was first used in 1951. It is a fundamental and complex aspect of the world economy and plays an increasingly important role in the economy of the U.S. The concept of globa... Read More »

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Pros of Economic Globalization?

Economic globalization is the process of increasing the economic connectedness of nations around the world. Economic globalization carries with it a wide array of benefits, particularly to those pe... Read More »

What does market drivers of globalization mean?

Market drivers to globalization are things that make it easier for regional and national economies to operate on a round-the-world basis, rather than simply in national terms. Things like the Inter... Read More »

Conflict Theory and Globalization?

Conflict, or critical, theory is an approach to analyzing society that stresses the differences in power among social groups. This can be applied to classes within societies, or even to countries w... Read More »

Was this a way of eluding your identity in an age of globalization?

This issue came to light from a range of information on the Internet, in magazines, and from conversations with attorneys. I explored this territory with no pre-existing skills and the minimum numb... Read More »