Facts on Fruit Bats for Children?

Answer There are 164 known species of fruit bats living throughout the world, notes The Wild Ones website. These furry mammals live in what are known by scientists as "camps" or large groups. Like all bat... Read More »

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What was the name of the children's program which involved a dragon and some kids following a map and featured some creatures with cricket bats?

Fruit Tree Facts?

A fruit tree offers character in the garden, beautiful blossoms in the spring and a rewarding harvest. Trees are a long-term commitment, so it is wise to plan ahead before planting. ... Read More »

Interesting Facts About Fruit Flies?

The fruit fly is a contradictory species. Despite its size, the tiny fruit fry can cause massive damage to crops. But the fruit fly is also a much studied animal with information that can be applie... Read More »

Are Composite Bats Better Than Aluminium Bats?

Creating a pet shelter requires extensive planning and fundraising. Everything must be prepared, built and in place before the shelter is opened for business. The planning process includes determin... Read More »