Facts on Economics?

Answer Economics is the difference and manipulation of supply and demand. There are scarce resources in which businesses manipulate to allocate to society. In society, it is assumed that the limited resou... Read More »

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How to Take AP Economics?

Advanced Placement courses are more challenging than regular classes, and AP Economics is no exception. The course will test your ability to research and remember important data, provide you with a... Read More »

Ph.D. Courses in Economics?

A Ph.D. is the gold standard in most academic disciplines, and economics is no exception. At the highest level, economists provide research and theories that sway economic policy around the world, ... Read More »

What does"specialization"mean in economics?

In economics, "specialization" refers to the tendency of humans to concentrate their efforts on a particular field or task, while depending on other specialized workers to finish everything else. R... Read More »