Facts on Chevy Small Block?

Answer The small-block Chevy engine is a compact and lightweight V-8 engine that has served Chevrolet and other General Motors vehicles since 1955. The engine is so popular for its lack of complex compone... Read More »

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Do you need to do block work to install a 400 crankshaft into a 350 small-block Chevy?

The crankshaft will need to be machined. You can take the crankshaft to a machine shop to have the journals turned down. You will then be able to build what is commonly referred to as a "Stroker mo... Read More »

How to Replace a Big Block Chevy With a Small Block Chevy?

Replacing a big block Chevy engine with a small block Chevy engine requires only minor changes. There is less difficulty with clearance when downsizing. The major consideration is the exhaust. The ... Read More »

How to Put a Small Block Chevy in a S10?

Installing a small block Chevrolet engine into an S10, whether a pickup or a Blazer, presents as much opportunity as it does challenge. The incomparable power to weight ratio of a small truck outfi... Read More »

About 350 Chevy Small-Block?

From the day it was introduced in 1967, Chevrolet's legendary 350 small-block engine jumped to fame as a powerful and efficient V8 that took well to aftermarket modifications. Although newer deriv... Read More »