Facts about plants?

Answer Plants are living things ,they contain many parts such as; Stem ,Petals ,Pollen ,ect. Insects are attracted to them because of their bright colors. Some plants are big and some are small, for examp... Read More »

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What are facts about cactus plants?

Cactus plants are native to North and Latin America.They may be found natively in desert and jungle environments.Both biomes represent challenges to survival.Desert and jungle cactus plants are ali... Read More »

What are interesting facts about plants?


Facts on Negev Desert Plants?

Located in southern Israel and considered a historically significant area, the Negev Desert is home to a robust plant life that covers five distinct geographic regions. Ranging in elevation from se... Read More »

Facts on Asexual Reproduction in Plants?

Asexual reproduction is the type of reproduction in which the presence of a sperm and an egg--or any natural equivalent--s not required. It is used by a lot of plants for perpetuating themselves; s... Read More »