Facts about plants?

Answer Plants are living things ,they contain many parts such as; Stem ,Petals ,Pollen ,ect. Insects are attracted to them because of their bright colors. Some plants are big and some are small, for examp... Read More »

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Facts About South African Plants?

South Africa is known for having dry patches of desert and grassland. Despite that, the country has 10% of the flowering species in the world, and is also home to the smallest floral kingdom (fynbo... Read More »

Interesting Facts About Desert Plants?

If you imagine the desert as a barren wasteland, you will be surprised to learn that deserts are home to a variety of plant life, from the prickly cactus to rare desert flowers that bloom after rai... Read More »

Facts About Tropical Rainforest Plants?

According to, 137 plant species are lost each day due to tropical rainforest deforestation. As these plants vanish, possible opportunities to discover cures for fatal diseases may be ... Read More »

List of Facts About Carnivorous Plants?

Carnivorous plants have fascinated humans for decades. It's difficult to imagine a plant that consumes animals. However, these plants exist on every continent of the planet. They are becoming more ... Read More »