Facts On Christian Dior Pure Poison Perfume?

Answer Your sense of smell is extremely important. It can conjure up joyful and exciting memories and figuratively transport you to another place. For many people, perfume can be very powerful and that is... Read More »

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History of Christian Dior Perfume?

Christian Dior was first known as a dress designer in the 1930s and 1940s. He founded his own couture house in 1946. Dior felt that perfume was a woman's finishing touch, and in 1947 he marketed hi... Read More »

How to Buy Dior Perfume Samples?

Dior perfume samples are an inexpensive way to try out fragrances created by famed French designer Christian Dior. Traditionally, his fragrances are a symbol of opulence and excellent taste. As ... Read More »

What was Christian Dior famous for designing in 1947?

Christian Dior was famous for designing the New Look in 1947. It featured soft shoulders, small waists and full skirts that were a dramatic change from the suits with sharply defined shoulders that... Read More »

How to Compare Christian Dior Fragrance Prices?

Comparing the prices for Christian Dior perfumes among retailers will take a little bit of research. Because it's a luxury item, you will likely spend $50 to $110 for a bottle after shipping and ha... Read More »