Facts About the Canopy Layer of the Rain Forest?

Answer The spatial and vertical structure of a rainforest consists of three basic layers, which includes the canopy, understory and the ground, and reflects the environment's response to available sunligh... Read More »

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Canopy Layer of Rain Forests?

The Missouri Botanical Garden defines tropical rain forests as lush green ecosystems that experience consistent rainfall all year and are rich in species diversity. The canopy layer of a rain fores... Read More »

Characteristics of the Canopy in the Rain Forest?

One of the tallest layers in the rain forest, the canopy is home to the majority of plant and animal life. Both temperate and tropical rain forests have canopies, and the canopy layer has numerous ... Read More »

About Species Becoming Endangered in the Tropical Rain Forest?

Since the late 1980s, the number of threatened species of plants, animals and birds has increased dramatically thanks to a significant loss of tropical rain forests due to deforestation. Many of th... Read More »

Facts About Understory Layer of the Rainforest?

A rain forest can be split up into three main layers. At the very top, the canopy supports the greatest density of life, from palm trees to brightly colored parrots. At the bottom is the forest flo... Read More »