Facts About the Black Widow & the Brown Recluse?

Answer For many people, the mention of spiders sends chills down the back of the spine. What makes matters even worse is the reputation of the brown recluse or black widow. These two species of spider are... Read More »

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Bad Brown Recluse Bite.. My mom be okay, right?

She'll be fine. She's being treated for the bacteria infection etc. She shouldn't have waited so long to go to the doctor knowing its a Brown Recluse bite.... But like I said and how others said sh... Read More »

Is this a brown recluse bite?

I highly doubt it. If it was a brown recluse bite you'd be in some SERIOUS pain or already in the hospital with some mild necrosis setting in. Keep from scratching it and a band-aid with neaosporin... Read More »

Brown Recluse Spider?

If it was a brown recluse you wouldn't be walking. You would be squirting from both ends. The site of the bite would be sick, gross, awful. I don't think this was a recluse.

How to Identify a Brown Recluse?

Brown recluse spiders (Loxosceles reclusa) are feared because of the severe symptoms their bites may produce. The brown recluse spider is unique because it has only 6 eyes (most spiders have 8 eyes... Read More »