Facts About the Black Hornet Insect?

Answer There are approximately 15,000 different species of wasps, and the black hornet (folichovespula maculata), also called the bald-face hornet, is a member of this family. It is an "eusocial" insect, ... Read More »

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Facts About Raw African Black Soap?

Raw African black soap is a traditional African soap. It is made from dried palm leaves, plantain skins, kernel oil and cocoa pod powder. This powerful bar of soap is odorless and carries with it a... Read More »

Facts About Black Hair Care & Growth?

The first fact about black hair care and hair growth is that no two African-Americans have the same type of hair. However, most African-Americans' hair grows about one quarter of an inch a month. G... Read More »

Facts About Black Walnut Tree Leaves?

Black walnut---Juglans nigra L.---is native to and grows best on the deep well-drained soils of Missouri and the northern plains, or on alluvial (high in clay, silt and sand from rivers) soils in t... Read More »

Facts About the Black Widow & the Brown Recluse?

For many people, the mention of spiders sends chills down the back of the spine. What makes matters even worse is the reputation of the brown recluse or black widow. These two species of spider are... Read More »