Facts About the Black Hornet Insect?

Answer There are approximately 15,000 different species of wasps, and the black hornet (folichovespula maculata), also called the bald-face hornet, is a member of this family. It is an "eusocial" insect, ... Read More »

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Insect Facts on the Great Golden Digger Wasp?

The scientific name for the great golden digger wasp is Sphex ichneuomoneus, according to Texas A&M University. Wasps do not defend their nests and are not aggressive insects. The great golden digg... Read More »

Insect Lore: Facts on the Painted Lady Butterfly?

The painted lady butterfly (Vanessa cardui) is a commonly found butterfly across the United States. This butterfly can be found on all continents worldwide except for Antarctica and Australia. The ... Read More »

Black Insect Eggs on Leaves?

Black insect eggs on leaves may be from aphids, squash bugs, lace bugs or a variety of shield bug. Insects lay eggs as small as .04 inch, which are not easily seen by the naked eye. Some insects la... Read More »

Black Birch Facts?

Woodworkers value the black birch tree, named for its blackish bark that resembles that of the black cherry tree, for its heavy, hard wood. Black birch trees typically grow alongside yellow birch t... Read More »