Facts About Wool Fabric?

Answer Wool comes from sheep and is harvested annually by shearing domestic sheep. The wool fibers consist of protein that is hardened and does not contain sensory structure. Sheep do not feel pain or any... Read More »

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What is Wool Fabric?

Wool fabric is among the few natural fabrics used to produce many of today's clothing and domestic items. Wool is comprised of the natural wool fibers grown on sheep, although fibers from other ani... Read More »

The Advantages of Wool Fabric?

Wool is defined as any protein fiber that removed from an animal and spun into a yarn. Wool is a popular choice for suits and formal attire, and is available in many weights and textures. Learning ... Read More »

Information on the Fabric Wool?

Wool has become popular in the fashion industry because of its versatility and texture. It is a unique type of fabric because it cannot be duplicated. Wool is composed of extremely versatile fibers... Read More »

Types of Wool Fabric?

Wool is a popular fabric for sweaters, jackets, blankets and other winter wear because of its strength as an insulating fiber. Wool is water resistant, regulates temperature and blends well with d... Read More »