Facts About US Military Bases in Okinawa?

Answer The United States has had a military presence in Okinawa, Japan, since the end of World War II. After Japan surrendered, the U.S. set up a number of bases in Japan. The military used the bases for ... Read More »

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Tell you facts about the military?

Are military bases real?

Yes, military bases are real. Military bases are places for military soldiers that live there.

How many military bases are in the U.S.?

The United States military currently operates 440 military bases in the continental United States. Military bases are located in every part of the U.S., from Washington to Florida. The largest base... Read More »

I am active duty military and just got stationed in Okinawa I want to fly home for the holidays but i am worried i won't have my passport in time for the flight is there a way i can fly without?

Active duty service members do not require a passport. A copy of your leave and travel orders, and your military ID are sufficient.