Facts About Turkey Buzzards?

Answer Turkey buzzard is a name incorrectly applied to the turkey vulture, a species of vulture that depends upon finding dead animals for the vast majority of its meals. Also called carrion crows and red... Read More »

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Facts on Turkey Feathers?

At full maturity, turkeys have 3,500 feathers, most of which are disposed at the time they are killed, or taken by people, such as Native American artists, for crafts or tribal regalia. In certain ... Read More »

What do buzzards eat?

Many people in the United States, according to the Turkey Vulture Society website, incorrectly call turkey vultures and black vultures buzzards. These large North American birds share a similar die... Read More »

How do buzzards nest?

Common buzzards (Buteo buteo) breed across most of the European continent save for Ireland and the northern reaches of Scandinavia. Although not the largest bird of prey in Europe, it is the most p... Read More »

Where do buzzards roost?

A buzzard's roost can be just about anything that supports its weight: a large tree branch, a cliff or even a telephone poll (but it usually prefers some tree cover). These roosts are found across ... Read More »