Facts About Toothed Whales for Kids?

Answer Toothed whales, as the name implies, are whales that have teeth. There are over 60 different species of toothed whales that are currently roaming the oceans. These includes creatures such as sperm ... Read More »

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Differences Between Toothed & Baleen Whales?

Whales are a part of the Cetacea order which also includes porpoises and dolphins. The two major groups of whales are toothed whales and baleen whales. All whales are warm-blooded animals with modi... Read More »

The Similarities Between the Baleen & Toothed Whales?

Whales are members of the order cetacea, which contains over 80 species (as of May, 2011) organized in 13 different families. Nine of these families belong to the sub-order Odontoceti, the toothed ... Read More »

How to Learn About Blue Whales for Kids?

Blue whale lesson plans provide an opportunity to teach children about the environment and the largest mammal to ever live on earth. An engaging lesson plan requires you to relay facts that are bot... Read More »

Facts for Kids About Oak Trees?

More than 600 species of oak trees exist throughout the world. Each type of oak has specific distinguishing factors, including leaves of different shapes, barks of various textures and leaves that ... Read More »